Mekky is Back With a New Season of ‘El Kebeer Awi’ Next Ramadan!

By Nour El-Milgi

After a three-year absence, we can happily announce that Egyptian superstar Ahmed Mekky will be taking part in the next Ramadan race, with the sixth season of his famous comedy series “El Kebeer Awi”, marking a strong comeback to Egyptian TV.

We can only express the emotions attached to Mazarita’s set up, its unique location, goofy characters, and super creative theme song, but now we can finally enjoy the excitement of watching the series again.

Mekky is currently waiting for the approval of his co-stars, Donia Samir Ghanem and Mohamed Salam, to take part in the new sequel. They haven’t confirmed nor denied their participation yet, but we know that they are committed to other drama contracts that are going to take place during the same period.

On another note, Mekky is also waiting for theatres to reopen again to showcase his new play, “Hazalkoum”, which has already been played in Saudi Arabia’s theaters for a while but had to stop due to the coronavirus outbreak.

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