Meet The Saudi Coffee Shop That Serves Free Coffee If You Dance

Who doesn’t love getting free food, gifts, or giveaways? The question is, how far are you willing to go to earn it? Would a dance suffice? Turns out that in a little coffee shop in Riyadh, customers are offered free coffee if they dance while waiting in line for their order.

Via Threads

Now, there are videos going around of men in thobes and women in abayas dancing it out for that hot cup of Joe. These videos have been getting mixed reviews for some time now, with many calling it “shameful,” while others finding it to be extremely embarrassing, “better not to have coffee, for humiliation.”

Why Did This Start Happening In The First Place?

According to Saudi media, the unique marketing idea surfaced as an attempt by the Kingdom to regain its customer’s trust following a poisoning incident that occurred in a Riyadh burger joint. It was quite major as a lot of people were hospitalized, and there was even one death.

It turns out the recent incident was caused by mayonnaise tainted by bacteria. This instilled widespread panic and fear among Riyadh’s citizens, making them reluctant to go to diners. The unique campaign is there to avert the widespread panic and win back customers’ confidence.

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