Meet Cairo’s Newest Food Blogger and Critic: Mini Batman

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I love food blogs. They are beautiful, sinful and vicious for those who believe in the power of carbs. We have encountered lately some pretty amazing food bloggers and critiques, however one of them added entertainment to deliciousness.

Foodscope is an Instagram account that is on a mission to investigate Cairo’s food. Just five days ago, a mini Batman made an appearance and we believe it was the magical power of Dunkin’ Donuts that breathed life into the miniature superhero.



 So far, he’s been spotted with celebrities and influencers



At Grizzly Diner








Bab Tooma


Crime Scene: Bab tooma @babtooma Road 90, Concord Plaza @5thsettlement Victims: cheese omelette, sausage omelette and foul bil zeit wo el lemon So the place is nice but we had a major problem with the number of flies that just pissed us off! As for the food, the omelettes were okay, the amount of cheese wasn't enough and as for the foul, it was awesome we loved it. The bread was fresh and tasted really nice. We ordered the lemon juice which was sour and that meant it stayed a while before it was served and i personally prefer if they change the nescafe glass and start serving it in mugs (thats just a personal opinion, not that its bad). The staff were polite, friendly and focused. We had to change out place and go inside (cuz of the flies), we ordered the shisha, played tawla which was nice and their melon smoothie is awesome! Thank you @babtooma for your hospitality #batman #cuzimbatman #egypt #foodscopeegy #food #foodie #instagood #instafood #igdaily #igfood #blog #blogger #foodblog #foodblogger #foodphotography #foodporn #potd #pictureoftheday #brunch #foul #road90 #5thsettlement

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Point 90 Cinemas




Roaming City Stars Mall on 6th October to make sure we’re all safe




And best of all, a bed selfie




WE SAID THIS: Too adorable for words. We want mini Batman everywhere and all the time.