Marj3: This Website is Scholarship Haven for Arab Students Everywhere!

Via Marj3

In the competitive job market, we’re surviving in, one cannot undermine the importance of education and how it dramatically changes one’s life. Tuition fees are indeed expensive, and it can be a challenge for brilliant Arab students to afford the education they deserve, but that’s what scholarships are for. Arab students miss out on tons of scholarships and opportunities that can change their lives, simply because of the absence of a platform that compiles these opportunities, or that is what we thought.

Via Marj3

Recently, I stumbled upon a website called Marj3, and I think it would be a shame if a promising Arab student missed out on an opportunity that could change his/her life just because they don’t know it. Marj3 is an online platform which provides information and consultancy about scholarships for the MENA Region citizens. The website has a large and constantly updated database of different scholarships and opportunities, and they also offer consultancy services for students who have questions that cannot be answered online.

The website is super simple, you pick your nationality, and through simple filtration, you pick the kind of opportunity you’re searching for and the kind of funding you’re looking for. The website will compile for you a huge list that fits your preferences from all over the globe, with enough information that gets you started. Marj3 is an Egyptian Shareholding Company, and the website was launched back in 2016. Whether you’re searching for a Ph.D., master, bachelor, exchange program, or even an internship, Marj3 is definitely what you need.

ًً WE SAID THIS: We love the website and everything it stands for, and we wish you all the best in your careers and education.