Manzil Downtown Dubai: A Place to Call Home

Hotels, you either love them or you hate them, they often come off as being too big, too impressional and lacking soul. But that was then and this is now — and hoteliers have learned, going back to their roots of personal abodes, hence the boutique hotel. Millennials flock to them, business men feel at home, and for the sake of taking it a step further, it seems that everyone knows your name.


Photo by Kareem El Nagdy


This was exactly the case when I recently stayed at Manzil Downtown (translated to ‘home’ in Arabic), an Emaar property located in the heart of Dubai. Upon walking into the boutique hotel, you are welcomed with a smile and a wholesome cup of Arabic coffee. A young man in local in Emirati attire greets you with a simple “marhaba” (meaning welcome in Arabic). This young man will soon become a comforting sight, as if to remind you someone is always home.


The check-in process is simple and seamless, the property is built on a modern take of Arabesque interiors with a twist, and that is clear from their entrance up to their main restaurants: Boulevard Kitchen and The Courtyard.


When entering the rooms, you are either braced with a view of The Burj Khalifa, or the pool view which has a further open view of the Dubai skyline. We had the opportunity to visit both styles of rooms yet, resided in one facing the pool and the Courtyard below.


Photo by Kareem El Nagdy


The rooms are more modern than Arabesque in their design. With an open bathroom layout, which can be a little invasive if you are not staying with a significant other, it is an overall comfortable space giving you room to store luggage.


One very interesting touch in the room literally brings you back to the core of the establishment itself, which is literally the writing on the wall. There is burst of calligraphy, on the back wall which serves as an elegant reminder of the properties’ roots.


Photo by Sabrina Khalil


One extra element which I really liked about the hotel was their bathrobes. Yes, I am definitely the type of girl who likes to explore her hotel accessories, but it wasn’t the fact that it was one of those lavish-I-want-to-live-in-you kind of bathrobes, but it was the detail of culture.


As plugged in, in many other ways, Manzil has found a way to integrate the Arabic language in the most innovative manners. On the bathrobe itself it says “naeiman” which is an Arabic greeting for after one has taken a shower (or a haircut). With visitors from all over the world, it’s nice to see how Manzil has done its part in educating people with the local language, and giving them something a little extra to go home with.


Photo by Sabrina Khalil


The eateries available consist of three variations; one being the Boulavard Kitchen where most meals are served and is accessible from the main Boulevard outside; the second venue is famous for its many private events that take place there, The Courtayrd, where one can enjoy everything from a light mezza to a full meal or even just a shisha with friends; the last venue is a sports bar/grill called Nezesaussi Grill, which is more of a casual venue — where a pair of jeans and a t-shirt are the perfect attire, and a beer and steak are your companions for the night.


Photo by Kareem El Nagdy


The concept of the Arabesque design does not stop at the cut out paravans in Boularvard Kitchen, but also is highly integrated in its cuisine, with a mesh of Western and Arabic dishes served during the breakfasts and dinner open buffets. Whether you are ready for an array of foul, a traditional dish made out of fava beans, or pancakes, they honestly have it all. Although I’m not a huge fan of breakfast selection, they have made sure to integrate as much diversity as possible. I especially enjoyed their cheese and zaatar manaesh served in their breakfast setting.


The Courtyard is consistent with the rest of the property: simple and inviting. As I mentioned, its menu varies from an array of different options — but what I found most unique was the variety of lemonades they had, The Courtyard serves over 10 different types of lemonade, each more intricate then the next.


Photo by Kareem El Nagdy


Manzil is perfect for everything from a staycation, where you get the ease and convenience of a walk away from Dubai Mall, yet still allow yourself to enjoy the perks of the hotel life. To those looking for a family-like residence that caters to your exact needs without the overwhelming aspect of being so big you need to take a golf cart just to get to your room, it is one of those entities that just has your back.


I would also suggest it to businessmen and women, as it works well for after-work get togethers. Overall, I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at Manzil Downtown, comfortably adding another place to call home .



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