Man of the Law: You Need to Check out This Lawyer’s Web Series!

The internet definitely produces more content than what people can consume and process. However, there is always a gap in what content creators produce and what the viewers want and need. People are usually into localized and personalized content that they can relate to. Especially when it comes to law, where it differs from one country to another, only locally produced content crafted specifically for you is relevant.

Here’s where Man of the Law comes in.

Via Man of the Law

Egyptian Lawyer Mahmoud Aboshneif created and presents in a web series available on YouTube about everything one needs to know about the law. The web series discusses ideas in a simple and entertaining manner that also happen to be super enlightening and beneficial. Only a few YouTube channels in Egypt present useful content, like El Da7ee7, Espitalia, and Egychology. The examples of channels I mentioned are very successful and viewed by millions of people.

Man of the Law focuses more on a very specific field; which makes the content more beneficial for people interested in it. You don’t have to be a law student to be interested in the content he produces; any citizen needs to have enough awareness about his/her country’s laws and regulations.


The episode above tackles the law’s take on suicide; very short, to the point, and beneficial. Other episodes are more intense and long in length, but you surely need to check them out on his YouTube Channel.

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