Maître Gims is Not the Only Surprise in Mohamed Ramadan’s Next Music Video!

Via Instagram

Congolese Afropop Superstar Maître Gims is working on a duet and a music video with one of the biggest Arab stars. This would have been a huge announcement, if only the star wasn’t the Iconic Mohamed Ramadan, as we’re now used to him constantly collaborating with regional and international superstars in his music videos, especially after the booming success of ‘TikTok’ with Super Sako!

In an Instagram post, Ramadan also announced that there will be a huge surprise soon. Gims is a Congolese singer, rapper, and composer who grew up in France and currently lives between there and Morocco.

One day later, Ramadan posted another video on Instagram while stepping into his trailer on location of the music video. Two interesting things appear in this post, other than the fact that the caravan looks super luxurious: firstly the geotag suggests that the music video will be shot in Dubai, and secondly Ramadan tagged Brazilian Supermodel Adriana Lima in the post alongside Gims, which suggests that “the most valuable Victoria’s Secret Angel” will also participate in the music video!

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