Venus Retrograde: What To Expect In This Troubling Time, Habibi!

Venues retrograde

Habibis! All Astrology geeks out there, the newbies and the experts; heck even the people who only know their sun sign! Ain’t no shame in the game. Listen up, Venus retrograde is still upon us, in Capricorn season of all things!
So what does it all mean, and how to handle yourself in this period. Read the following and find out!

A crash course on Venus Retrograde

So what does it mean if a planet is in retrograde exactly? Simply put, it’s just another celestial event like many others that happen in space. Basically, it’s an optical illusion that’s visible from the earth’s sky, where a planet seems like it’s going backward in its orbit.

In Astronomy, the factors that cause this are just a pile of astrophysics and observed light beam behaviors. In Astrology, however, it means a setback or a challenge in the area of life that the planet rules depending on the person’s sign.

When it comes to Venus Retrograde, the celestial event happens every 18 months. This time it happens during the holidays from December 19th till January 29th during the season of Capricorn, the most strict and broody out of the signs. Sounds like a bad omen but be assured, it doesn’t have to be at all.

Every planet rules a very important aspect in life for all of us, and Venus is no different since it rules romance, relationships, beauty and money.

Skip to the good part, What does that mean for me?

Here’s the thing, retrogrades have a very bad reputation, and they do sound scary. But, the true meaning behind any retrograde is just a pop quiz from the universe. To check on you and what did you learn from the life lessons it offered you, and these lessons depend on your zodiac sign, like which element is your sign and what house it resides in your chart.

For Fire signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius), your impulsive nature, go-getter type of attitude, and always having to be the initiator, might be compromised. You might feel that this personal trait is lost or you can’t tap into it. Be not afraid, it’s just a little nudge for you to be calmer and slower with your approach to love and money. Might I suggest waiting for people to offer by asking the right questions instead of asking directly?

For Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn), since this Venus Retrograde is happening in the Earth element, love is in our forte my fellow earth signs, we will be more empowered and love-driven. We can possibly tap into a part of us that is more flirty and approachable.

For Air signs (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius), you are free-spirited, and easygoing, which might be affected just a little bit due to the retrograde being in an earth sign. You might feel a bit too grounded, awkward even but it will soon pass and your nature will breeze back and cool everyone around you. So you might need to slow down a bit when it comes to love or potential relationships until this retrograde passes.

For Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces), the love addicts of the zodiac signs, there is no way around it; it’s not the best time at all to look for love or waste money; so please be completely aware of your choices when it comes to these two things. Also, already established, stable relationships will feel kinda shaky. So be patient and brace yourself for whatever conflict raising with your partner.

What now? How to protect myself in the future from possible retrogrades ?

It’s not exact math per se, but in general, the whole retrograde shtik is just to test you. And what do we do when there is a test ahead? Prepare for it! So, whenever there is a retrograde happening, knowing what planet is in retrograde and what sign is it in is crucial. Just to know what aspect of our lives does it affects and how does it exactly affect it. And no need to worry, whenever a celestial event happens we’ll be right here with a step-by-step guide so you can manage through easily.

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