World Youth Forum: Sharm El Sheikh Welcomes Stars From All Over The World

Innovation and creativity are two skills that the younger generation is putting to good use in order to benefit society and create change. Egyptian youth are in this process as they attend the World Youth Forum that is set to take place this month on the 10th – 13th in Sharm El-Sheikh.

The forum will discuss major themes such as climate change and Egypt’s Decent Life project on the agenda. This is a youth-led event that spreads a message of peace, prosperity, harmony, and progress around the globe. Furthermore, youth from all over the world will be involved in an enriching environment, allowing them to exchange ideas and make recommendations to decision-makers and significant personalities.

Thus, major youth leaders and artists from a variety of nations are expected to attend the event.

Here’s the line-up for the top-notch artists!

Itziar Ituño

Itziar Ituo, well-known for her role as inspector Raquel Murillo, in Netflix’s renowned ‘La Casa de Papel,’ will meet up with fans at this year’s WYF to share her experiences with the fans!

Anwar Jibawi

With over 6.7 million YouTube subscribers and 9.1 million Instagram followers, Jibawi is an internet celebrity in the United States. He is popular for his hilarious skits, which have attracted a wide range of audiences across the globe.

Markian Benhamou

An influencer, and smile squad founder (which is a comedy group dedicated to creating videos that make the world smile), Markian Benhamo is a creative YouTuber who creates skits on a variety of topics that delve into American culture and society.

Ben Pol

A leading Tanzanian singer and composer in Central Africa, Ben Pol, is an established artist and one of the scene’s fastest-rising performers. Pol is also known for his commitment to battling climate change as an ecology UN Ambassador.

Ibn Hattuta

Ibn Hattuta is a Jordanian traveler and content maker whose goal is to create entertaining and educational videos from all around the world. He has a popular YouTube show, Ibn Hattuta Travels , where he takes his viewers on a journey around the globe, visiting every hidden gem!

Anas Bukhash

An Emirati entrepreneur and businessman, Anas Bukhash, co-founded Ahdaf Sports Club and founded Bukhash Brothers Co. He also serves on the board of the Dubai Sports Council and is the creator of the popular MENA online conversation show #ABTalks. He has interviewed Ahmed El Sakka, Amina Khalil, and others on his YouTube show, diving into their personal and professional lives.

WE SAID THIS: We wish that Egypt becomes a global hub for millenials , attracting innovative thinkers all over !