Literally Just 9 Memes About Lionel Messi Visiting Egypt

Via Ahmed Sami

Argentinian professional footballer Lionel Messi visited Egypt yesterday, and because we’re Egyptians we made sure we joke about it! With memes becoming the new joking platform, Twitter and Facebook were flooded with Messi memes. We decided to pick our favorite moments from his trip and report them through memes.



When he had an Anita moment


Via Facebook



When people started lining up in front of the monuments in hopes of catching him


Via Twitter



When he was fangirling over this random man


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When Amr Adib became a meme too




When we imagined Amr Adeeb as a waiter




When we all felt Messi’s pain during the ceremony


Via Ahmed Sami



When the music gave us major El-Lembi vibes




When these random three ladies made us all cringe


Via Suzan Mubarak



And cringe…


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WE SAID THIS: But in all honesty, we’re glad he made this visit. Was worth being stuck in traffic the whole day.