Life Goals Revised: 7 Tips to Nourish Your Mind, Body, and Soul Before 2020 Comes to an End

Clearly, 2020 wasn’t the most conventional year, with a pandemic hitting the world and explosions rocking cities and putting our lives on hold, this year didn’t start off great. And although countries are gradually lifting the curfews and people are slowly returning back to their normal lives and trying to fulfill what is left of their 2020 summer goals list, we thought that it’s time we amend our summer goals to go in line with such a chaotic year and just add some sprinkles of meaningfulness to the rest of the unusual year we are living.

Feed your joy with simple pleasures

This year has taught us a lot, with people trying out what it feels like to be deprived of the simplest of things we once took for granted. Indeed this year has come as a slap in the face to everyone, so maybe it’s time we start appreciating what we once thought was normal because apparently it can be taken away in the blink of an eye. We need to learn to appreciate and enjoy our life, even the smallest things, from your mother’s voice echoing through the house, being thankful that you actually have a roof over your head, is nowadays, without any exaggeration, a miracle.

Tackle a personal development goal

After spending a long weekend with high exposure to the UV rays and tanning by the beach, maybe you can delve into some interesting topics afterward like psychology, politics, or even gardening. Broaden your mind with new information about topics that are currently of interest and importance to the world. You can self educate by reading simple books or scrolling through website articles to be moving in mental harmony with the world.

Do good deeds

Since countries of the world are struggling with one thing or another, from explosions to famines, they deserve a bit of our time to help. So why not fixate on those who need assistance and offer them some of your kindness and consideration. Options are wide open for you to translate your sympathy into actual help. Visiting orphans, donating through trusted links to help those outside your region, or simply smiling at strangers. Yes, it is that simple, smiling at a stranger is a good deed that might make someone’s entire day.

Get healthy

Summer is when our cravings take a toll on us; pizza by the beach and endless drinks, we get how hard it is to maintain your fitness, and we know how hard it is to deprive yourself of all the high-calorie pleasures, but drinking more healthy, green smoothies can be just as enjoyable. With the pandemic paralyzing our lives, we’ve learned the hard way how important human health and life is, so it’s a must now to put some healthy recipes on your radar.

Practice empathy

Understanding and sharing others’ feelings is the key to selfless compassion. Since many people, some whom we might know personally, are going through a hard time, either because of the swelling fear over the coronavirus or because of trauma caused by a deadly explosion, now is the time we give those around us attention and provide them with the support they need. It can be a hug or a deep talk about their feelings, or even buying your friend a small present. Every little act of kindness and support matters.

Practice self-care

Being selfless doesn’t mean that you forget about yourself. You deserve just as much as any other person in your life to feel appreciated and heard. It’s not a luxury, but rather a divine responsibility to take care of the body and soul. So listen to your inner needs and fulfill them as much as you can. For those yearning for some TLC, you can pamper yourself in a spa, get a soothing massage, or even have a bubble bath where you can leave all the toxic luggage and exertions behind for good.

Detox from social media

With all the mass hysteria and gloomy news flooding our timelines, maybe it’s time we consider taking a day or two off from social media, rejuvenating our bodies and minds, and escaping from all the stress. It’s the perfect time to redirect our attention to spending time with the family instead.

Since our summer has changed this year, it’s only right that our goals match!

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