In Pictures: The African Tribe Where Women Rule and Men Are Veiled

The Tuareg tribe is one of the most striking African tribes; their customs and traditions are unlike any other!

They come from Libya, Algeria, Nigeria, Mali, and Burkina Faso. While the women in this tribe are allowed to have multiple lovers and sexual partners before marriage, keep their property and cattle after divorce, and not cover their faces, the men are commonly called “the blue men of the Sahara” as they cover their faces with a traditional indigo veil which often leaves a mark on their faces.

This Muslim tribe gets its name “Tuareg” (abandoned by God) based on what their Islamic neighbors think of them, due to their liberal way of life. However, they call themselves “Imohag”, which means free men. They also have a common language called Tamasheq. As the tribe follows a matrilineal system, family lines are traced through women rather than men.

Keep scrolling for some stunning pictures of the women, men, and children in this tribe.

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