Shades of Blue: An Ode to the Stunning Colors and Crystal Clear Waters of Playa

Summer 2020 is proving to be more interesting than we might have thought. The bar is high for the hottest summer destination in the region, with Egypt’s North Coast becoming more luxurious than ever. There is no doubt that there’s one spot that’s winning summer this year; Seashell Playa.

Stretching gracefully along 1.2 km to crown a front-row seat on the North Coast’s azure coastline, it’s hard to tell where the sea ends and the sky begins. Whether it’s the Mediterranean-inspired architecture, the inviting color palette, or the captivating sea views, Playa is hands down the most stunning destination in Sahel right now.

Living in Playa is complemented by the deepened connections with nature, world-class facilities, and elegant boutiques, all shared with a cosmopolitan community under the sun. The community of Playa all share the same passion for raw summer vibes and sheer exclusivity. It’s designed in a way that makes it center stage for lively social happenings, exquisite moments, and rewarding memories. It is, by all means, the most ideal destination for young couples, loungers, trendsetters, and multi-generational families alike.

Last month we had a super insightful conversation with the Chief Designer of Alchemy, Mohamed Fares, about beachside aesthetics in his latest projects in Seashell Playa. We got to discuss how Playa’s architectural concept is an aesthetic union between living art and seafront functionality. Check out the full interview below!

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