Art in Times of Crisis; How Arab Artists Are Overcoming the Challenges of 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has affected almost everyone and all different job fields. Among those who were majorly affected were artists. RETHINK: Art in Times of Crisis is a video series that was created to shed light on how these artists are facing the ongoing struggles of the pandemic and how it affected their work.

Produced by Perspectives, the online multimedia magazine of the Goethe-Institut in the MENA region, this video series highlights how the COVID-19 pandemic had a major impact on the arts and culture scene in the Middle East and North Africa.

From dancers and musicians to actors, most of them explained how it was very hard to process what was going on at the beginning, but slowly, many of them started transitioning their work to have a more online presence. And while some of these artists took this period as a chance to become more creative and inspired, others had no motivation at all. Keep scrolling down to watch the videos and find out how artists from around the region are overcoming their challenges.

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