Let Them Eat Cake: Arab Bakeries To Have On Your Radar When Picking Out That Perfect Birthday Treat!

The online world has made our lives much sweeter, knowing that there’s nothing we can’t buy and having it arrive right at our doorstep.

Every month, a lot of us have packed calendars with several occasions to look forward to with friends and family, and nothing screams a special occasion than a delicious cake for everyone to enjoy.

Since we’re bored of the conventional classic chocolate or fruit cake, we curated a collection of regional online dessert brands that deliver cakes with a twist.


On a lot of birthdays or special occasions, many of us end up ordering a cake, and it usually doesn’t end up getting finished. So why not downsize on the popular dessert and go for smaller, cuter cakes? The Emirati bakery known as ‘SugarMoo’ specializes in such baby cakes.

They’re known as pocket-sized three-layered cakes filled with delicious frosting in different flavors. They serve everything from baby red velvet crunch cake with Oreo and cream cheese frosting to a baby whipped lemon curd and raspberry cake.

Their motto is simple: they can deliver any cake to you across Dubai and Abu Dhabi in 90 minutes or less. To order a baby cake, head to their official Instagram page.

Can Cake

Picture an entire cake fitted in a portable can — something you can enjoy during your lunch break or at a picnic with friends. It’s a simple concept but makes way for enjoying a fresh, delicious cake anywhere. Cake lovers rejoice; recently, a new page popped up on Instagram that’s all about that cake can.

Dubbed ‘Can Cake,’ the new Egyptian brand serves up cakes sealed airtight in cans that come in multiple flavors, including the ‘Birthday Cake Can Cake,’ the ‘Zesty Crumble Can Cake,’ and the ‘Choco Loco Berry Can Cake.’ To learn more about what they have on offer, head to their official Instagram page.

Bake My Day

The home-based bakery in Amman, Jordan, ‘Bake My Day,’ knows how to whip up your conventional-looking round sponge cakes, and on each one, they draw up an endless collection of 2D and 3D illustrations and designs using pastry cream. You name it, they can draw it, whether it’s swirled white clouds with a plane passing through or two cats on a swing.

Along with that, they further the customization of each cake by letting you pick out any message to be written with pastry cream. With that, you have a fun personalized way to celebrate your loved ones.

Cake Bloom

You know when you watch Tom & Jerry and those delectable scenes populated by food appear on the screen? You’ve probably dreamt about eating these cakes and desserts that pop off the screen with their bold colors. Now imagine that there’s a way for you to devour these very cakes in real life.

At ‘Cake Bloom,’ the first Korean bakery to open its doors in Dubai, you get to indulge in these desserts — you’ll feel like you’re eating a cake straight out of a cartoon.

Beyond that, they also specialize in simple round cakes with cool doodles like multi-colored flowers or a bicycle. To get a taste of their whimsical creations, you can head to their official Instagram page for orders.


3D massive cakes with endless designs and illustrations are already on everyone’s radar, and with Qatar’s ‘DSRT Lab,’ you can order a wide range of these cakes. Whether it’s a pirate ship traveling across 3D lapping blue waves or a massive donut perched on a three-tier cake, they do it all.

To get a taste of one of their whimsical creations, you can visit their Instagram page, which is filled with a kaleidoscopic gallery of their latest in cake design.

With any occasion coming up, you have a roster of regional Arab dessert brands that know how to serve up the coolest, out-of-the-box cakes. From cakes fitted in a can to cartoonish ones, these are the go-to options to spice up any occasion.

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