Lebanese Fashion Blogger Makes It to Milan Fashion Week’s Runway

For anyone who’s slightly interested in fashion, sashaying on the Milan Fashion Week runway is the ultimate dream. For Lebanese fashion blogger, Lana El Sahely, it became a reality!


Lana El Sahely is the Editor-in-Chief of the popular Lebanese fashion blog, L’Armoire de Lana. After studying Economics in Beirut, she started her fashion career. Her rise to fame happened after she landed a gig as the personal stylist of Lebanese pop star Nancy Ajram. Through her social media, she covers major fashion events, gives her followers the latest fashion tips, recommendations and reviews. But we’re not here to talk about any of this, we’re here to talk about her taking over Milan Fashion Week. 



El Sahely has been teasing everyone through her Instagram vlogs about a new project with none other than Dolce &  Gabbana




The fashion blogger then announced that she’ll be walking down Dolce & Gabbana’s runway, which of course got her fans to go absolutely crazy and be happy for her




Again, her fans went more nuts when she posted another vlog on the morning of the show




When she finally posted a photo from the runway, we all felt like mothers watching their baby take their first steps


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