Egypt Officially Gives Birth to More Children Than China

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Ever since we can remember, China has always been the most populated country in the world. With 1.4 billion citizens roaming the Chinese lands, they obviously win when it comes to population. Even with their one-child policy (that was eased a little but in 2015), they still ranked first as the most populated country in the world. Well, not anymore…


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It’s quite a slap in the face, a very hard one, to know that our dear Egypt just beat China’s breeding rate. According to Euromonitor International’s Global Economies and Consumers in 2017 report, Cairo will be the fastest growing city in the world, and it’s happening sooner rather than later


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It has been expected for Cairo’s population to increase by 500,000 people, in 2017 while Alexandria to welcome another 100,000.



WE SAID THIS: We think we might need the one-child policy in here!