Did Taraji P. Henson Steal Hend Sabri’s Look at the Oscars 2017?

It’s been a few since the 89th annual Academy Awards happened and not a single human being is able to stop talking about it. From fangirling about how amazing 2017’s movies were, to obsessing over Jimmy Kimmel, cringing over the La La Land/Moonlight scene, but most importantly, loving how flawless the red carpet was. All of Hollywood’s glamorous celebs were dressed to the nines in oh la la gowns and extravagant tuxedos that might be just as expensive as Piccanto’s newest price in Egypt.



On top of the best dressed list was the one and only, Hidden Figures starlet, Taraji P Henson. She wore a magnificent dark blue velvet gown designed  by Alberta Ferretti. Looks familiar, ha?


Tunisian actress Hend Sabri wore the exact same dress months ago at the Dubai International Film Festival. The original dress was designed by acclaimed Tunisian fashion designer, Ali Karoui.



Ferretti used the same design, color, material and overall look of Sabri’s dress, the “Awza Atgawez” actress said on her Instagram. “I seriously just hope this was just artistic coincidence.”


Did Henson know that her look was unoriginal? Or is she a secret fan of Hend Sabri and she had the entire thing planned out from the beginning?



WE SAID THIS: We love you Cookie Lyon, but we’re on team Sabri. #SorryNotSorry