Did You Know That Rami Malek and Robert Downey Jr. Are Bestfriends in Real Life?



Just a year ago, American actor *cough* of Egyptian descent *cough* Rami Malek was a nobody. Okay, fine. We’re sorry, that sounded too harsh! He wasn’t a nobody, he was just kind of, a little bit, unknown, but thanks to the amazing TV show that is Mr. Robot (which also just premiered its second season), Malek is quickly becoming a critical favorite.


Anyways, let’s go the point! In an interview with Interview magazine, Downey Jr. has the chance to catch up with his pal Malek. And it turns out that the two actors are definitely not strangers. “You turned me into a hero when you came to set,” Malek says about a recent visit Downey Jr. made to the Mr. Robot set. “I told them how close we were and that we hang out, we celebrate holidays together, we watch movies together, all of which is true!” Malek elaborates on his relationship with the Iron Man star.


Not only that, Malek appeared on Jimmy Fallon a few days ago and told the story on how him and Downey Jr.’s relationship started. You can watch it here:


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