“Killing Palestinian Civilians Is Unacceptable”: Is The UK’s Foreign Minister Changing The Narrative?

The UK’s former Prime Minister David Cameron made a surprise return as the Foreign Minister of the UK. Along with his return, Cameron’s first act as the Foreign Minister was the announcement of a major shift in the UK’s stance on Israel. During his first interview since he took the position, Cameron told the BBC what many British citizens wanted to hear from UK politicians.

While on the BBC, Cameron expressed how he believes that civilian causalities in Gaza are too high, “People actually targeting and killing Palestinian civilians – it’s unacceptable,” said Cameron. He also made it clear that Israeli forces have to abide by International humanitarian law. To him, Israel will never be secure unless “long-term safety, security and stability for the Palestinian people” is achieved.

He wants to have a continuous dialogue with Israel to end the occupation especially as he believes that what is happening in both Gaza and the West Bank is criminal. Even before his public announcement on the BBC, Cameron went to Israel and visited Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other leaders to talk about the future. At that time, he mainly discussed the humanitarian pause prior to its execution, “It’s important we talk about this potential humanitarian pause. I think it’s an opportunity to crucially get the hostages out and to get aid into Gaza,” Cameron added.

His continued support of Palestine included his prior donation of 30 million pounds of humanitarian aid to Gaza. Unlike other UK politicians, Cameron represents a shifted stance towards Israel, one that many Brits have been waiting on since October 7.

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