Fifi Abdou Can Live on EGP 5 per Day, Can You?

Via Al Masry Al Youm
Via Al Masry Al Youm
Via Al Masry Al Youm


Egyptian belly dancer, actress, TV host, diva and basically everything that is fabulous in the world, Fifi Abdou, has given Egyptians a piece of her mind for bashing the government about the dollar crisis and the increase of prices.


Last night, Abdou was on Mehwar’s popular talk show “90 Minutes,” hosted by Eman Ezz El-Din, where she told everyone that we can’t blame the government for what’s happening, and merchants are the ones to blame for hiding the dollars and raising the prices. “El7okooma hate3mel eh walla eh? Dol beymasho el fasdeen,” Abdou told El-Din.


She continued to side with her colleagues in the field of cinema and belly dancing, saying that they work their heads off for their living. She also announced, with a challenging tone, that although the prices have skyrocketed, she, as Fifi Abdou, could still live on EGP 5 per day.



WE SAID THIS: We love you ya Fofa, and we want to believe you, but we can’t. Sorry, not sorry.