Jidar: This Platform Connects Artists With Clients Who Need Art on Their Walls!

Art is food for the soul; it influences one’s creativity and innovation. Surrounding yourself with art and artists will definitely have a huge impact on your state of mind, how you perceive things, and how you live your life.

People spend a huge part of their day in their workplace. Whether this workplace is plain and dull or fun and artistic, some color could definitely be a game-changer to everyone there; let it be employees, the business owner, or clients. It can boost their productivity, morale, and overall wellbeing!

There are endless ways to spread art and color all over your workplace, but today we’re highlighting only one of them, Jidar!

Jidar is a platform connecting wall artists from all over Egypt with a wide spectrum of styles to different clients who are looking to innovate their indoor/outdoor representation via murals. It serves as a link between artists and blank walls whose owners are willing to install murals of different styles, types, and mediums. They also serve the artist by providing an opportunity to portray their talents while enjoying themselves! 


WE SAID THIS:  Your employees don’t deserve to work in a dull office! 

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