Iraqi Designer Hussain Harba Special Guest of Torino Fashion Week

Hussain Harba is a true icon in the world of design. He has defined his work as an architect by adding value to original historical projects, making it new and different, but at the same time consistent in character.

Via: Hussain Harba

This year, the Iraqi architect and designer is the special guest of Torino Fashion Week with his iconic handbag, Mini-Home.  The handbag capsule collection is signed by both himself and his daughter Alia, and it’s going to be presented on preview at Torino Fashion Week on the evening of the 27th of June. 

The mini-bags that were specially designed for the fashion week are well studied by the architect and were manufactured using materials registered with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). Harba has vast experience in the field of designing and creating limited edition pieces. He mainly uses luxurious jewels and fashion accessories that are a must-have to the most well-known trendsetters.

Via: Harba Designer

Mini-Home bags are made of python, ostrich or crocodile and luxurious textures to make them soft, refined, and able to emphasize all the different colors. It’s also equipped with hand-finished shoulder straps on the limited edition versions. 

WE SAID THIS: “My goal is to create objects that give happiness, rarity and luxury” – Hussain Harba