Exclusive Interview With Jinn’s Promising Young Stars, Vera and Yassin!

Via Juan Naharro Gimenez

Since its release on the 13th of June, everyone has been obsessed with Netflix’s first-ever Arabic-language series, Jinn! The series follows the story of a group of teenagers who’s friendship is tested when they unknowingly summon Jinn into their world. The plot takes place in modern Amman and ancient Petra, however, it’s appeal has stretched across the Arab world.

Via Juan Naharro Gimenez

The series succeeded in setting the bar high for future Arabic Netflix Originals, and we can’t wait for the next two series that have already been announced, Al Rawabi School for Girls, and Paranormal. The young actors and actresses showcased their talents perfectly and we’re in love with them already. We interviewed Aysha Shahaltough (Vera) and Sultan Al Khail (Yassin) and here’s how it went.

Via Juan Naharro Gimenez

What’s your favorite and least favorite thing about your character?

Sultan: What I love about my character is that he’s genuinely kind even though it hurts him. I hate that he can’t help himself, but he’s still growing, and I trust that things will change.

Aysha: What I like about Vera is that no one can stop her! She can do anything she wants. But what I don’t like is that for her the ends justify the means, so she’d harm others to reach her goal, and that is not like me.

Describe your character in three words and describe the other’s character in one word.

Aysha: Vera is mysterious, stubborn, and relentless. While I think Yassin is afraid of change.

Sultan: I think Yassin is shy, sensitive, and intelligent. And think that Vera is someone to depend on.

If you could star in another Netflix Original, what would it be?

Sultan: Dark.

Aysha: The OA.

What’s your advice for children who face bullying in school like Yassin?

Sultan: When you need help, seek it! It’s okay to want and need help from others, especially people who care about you. Yassin was shy and secretive, and he didn’t seek help, and his anger led him to make the wrong decisions.

What did you feel when you knew that you were playing a villian, even though Vera isn’t purely evil?

Aysha: At first we didn’t know that I’m the bad Jinn! However, that’s only what is apparent, but Vera is a very complex character and she’s not simply good or bad. After all, the character is seeking justice, but she wants to apply it in her own way.

What are your expectations for the next season?

Aysha: I’d love to see how Vera will be after what happened in the finale. We didn’t know much about her origins, family, or background, so it would be interesting to know more about her. A very interesting scenario that I would love if it happens, is that she actually wants the Jinn to be back! We’ll see how things will go!

Sultan: I think after what happened in the finale he’ll be way more powerful! We’re sure that regardless of what happened, Yassin will still be inside the body, and we might see how the struggle goes between the good and evil inside of him.

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