Iraq Is Celebrating the Restoration of Three Major Sculptures That Were Destroyed by ISIS

Iraq is starting to catch its breath. The Iraqi city of Hatra has suffered from damage and lost its beauty. However, after so much torment, the ancient city is getting restored and revived. With the recovery of three colossal sculptures, Hatra starts to undo the destruction it has faced!

The city of Hatra witnessed ISIS, taking its guns and pickaxes to its historical monuments that date back to the Roman and Parthian empires. Some sites were even destroyed during the battles to drive ISIS out. Their rule over the city has led to so much loss, with smashed historical pieces wasted.

However, the country’s efforts to regain its losses are going in the right direction. In association with the Italian International Association for Mediterranean and Oriental Studies, Iraqi experts are unveiling the country’s ancient heritage. Meanwhile, it’s all done with funding of the International Alliance for the Protection of Heritage in Conflict Areas.

The head of antiquities in Nineveh province, Khair Al-Din Ahmed Nasser, said, “We recovered some pieces. Others which were missing, we replaced with the same type of stone.” Furthermore, restored pieces include a Roman-style, life-size sculpture and faces on the side of the great temple.

The project of restoring the city is more than just reclaiming Hatra’s ancient history. It also provides training for the curators and archaeologists of Iraq, marking a positive change and what seems like a bright future for the country!

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