IOF Was Looking For Hamas Captives in Gaza Graveyard: How Israel Is Justifying Its War Crimes

The Israeli Army has admitted to bulldozing cemeteries and stealing graves in Gaza, as reported in a statement given to NBC News.

War-stricken people of Khan Yunis refugee camp woke up one morning to find the centuries-old Khan Yunis cemetery had been bulldozed and violated by the Israeli Occupation Forces in their search for the bodies of Hamas-kept Israeli hostages.

When asked to comment on the stealing of bodies, the Israeli Occupation Forces confirmed, justifying such violation of the sacredness of the cemetery by their search for bodies of Israeli people held in Gaza.

“The hostage identification process, conducted at a secure and alternative location, ensures optimal professional conditions and respect for the deceased. Bodies determined not to be those of hostages are returned with dignity and respect,” said an IOF statement last Thursday.

Such horrendous crime comes amid other organ theft accusations reported last December when the Media Office in Gaza said 80 bodies of victims were returned with missing organs.

CNN conducted an investigation of the systematic destruction of Gaza cemeteries; its satellite imagery reviews show that at least 16 cemeteries in Gaza have been intentionally destroyed by the IDF.

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