Introducing Lella Fadda: Egyptian-Italian Music Sensation & Rising Star

For a while now, Egypt’s music scene has been going through a dynamic transformation with new, fresh types of genres and sounds teetering out. From the electronic mahraganat movement all the way to the addictive beats of underground music, Egypt’s new generation of sound is leading a new and exciting path. One artist that is riding that new wave is Egyptian-Italian singer, songwriter and actress Lella Fadda. She is the type of artist that traps and captivates listeners within her world of dark, sultry and haunting music.

Ever since she starred alongside Mohammed Ramadan in the popular TV show ‘El Brins’ (The Prince), she was immediately on everyone’s radar and from there, she began to set her sights or rather ears on the music world. Back when she was 18, she met Egyptian rapper Abyusif who encouraged her to find her own sound and write her own music and so she did.

Today, the artist continues to release music that is truly her own whether its the 2021 single “Akher Ayam El Medina”, a dark experimental pop song that weaves in unusual sounds in the track including fox sounds, revving motorcycles and a snippet from Ben 10, or “Ghareeba”, her song recorded in one-take and includes lyrics that mix in a gentle yet haunting and sultry vibe.

Beyond her unique singles, the artist is on her way to making her first ever EP with many of its songs being collabs with Egypt’s top artists. The EP’s first single was a dreamy collab with El Waili called “El Donia Beta3ti”. Let’s just say that the artist will be debuting her first EP with a bang as this song merges together the signature haunting vocals of Fadda with El Waili’s addictive electronic sound.

As the artist has been making a name for herself as a unique addition to Egypt’s music scene, her popularity did not go unnoticed. Just this February, she was the opening act for Marwan Pablo’s concert in Paris. With such an eclectic career, we cannot wait to see what else the rising artist has in store.

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