Interview: Egyptian Singer Haytham Shaker Talks About His Comeback

After he dropped his latest album, we had to get in touch with one of the most unique singers in Egypt, Haytham Shaker. After being away from the scene in the last period, Haytham made a strong comeback with his latest album Ma’refa Adeema. We had a chitchat with the Egyptian singer and here’s how it went.

How excited were you for the comeback?

Of course, I was super excited as any other artist who exerted tons of effort and wants to see the reactions of the fans. And I was very happy with the feedback after the first song got released in a music video.

How did you get ready for the new album?

I spent five years preparing this album, choosing every single song carefully to come out with the best way possible. The album will have a collection of different songs that will suit different tastes and adapts with the evolution of music.

If you’d pick a musician to do a collaboration with, who would it be?


What’s a venue that you dream to perform in?

Any venue with fans that came specifically to listen to me sing and perform is perfect for me.

What are the primary changes that fans should expect in Haitham’s music after the comeback?

The difference is that music is constantly changing and evolving and the album adapts to this evolution and change. In every album, I make sure to pick what’s best for me and what suits me. I collaborated with some of the top composers and songwriters to get this album together.

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