International Youth Day: How the Arab youth stand out

More often than not, this generation gets a bad reputation. They’re dubbed as lazy, pampered, and too entitled; it’s even harsher when you consider the tough love approach of Arab parents. However, such overgeneralized and negative statements can apply to any generation at any point in time. But if it makes it any better, this generation has its own praiseworthy and unique qualities. So, today, we celebrate youth, our Arab youth, by showcasing their potential and promise.

According to NASPA, more than 70 percent of this generation, generation Z, is identified with unique and positive qualities, and Arab youth are no exception to those, and here are three of them.

The Fire of Change

From entrepreneurs to social and political activists, to brilliant scientist, artists and athletes, this generation of Arab youth is here to leave its mark on history. Figures like Muna and Muhammed Al-Kurd are now leading freedom movements. People like Hedaya Malak and Nour Ahmadein and countless more are defying what the world had previously perceived to be impossible. NASPA found that this generation’s youth are motivated by wanting to make a change rather than financial profit.

Open mindedness

With the new decade, ideologies and habits change, and this generation of Arab youth is smart and wise enough to invite new conversations. Those who challenge the norms always face detractors, and this generation has the means and access to information to question every status quo. This openness for radical change brings to the table so many new ventures in science, social development, and tech innovation. If such abilities were given room for application on a practical basis, it would propel Arab nations miles ahead of the curve.

Thoughtfulness and Compassion

Given that today’s youth are born in an age where nations and communities can reach out easily via the internet, Arab youth have a better understanding of the world around them, especially other Arab nations. This sense of communion allows mutual rapport and respect, and the ability to put one’s self in the shoes of others.

Let’s all bring out the best in each other and renew our faith in the future through our youth.

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