International Astronomical Union Names new Asteroid After Farouk El-Baz

For the first time ever, an Egyptian asteroid has been named. Celebrating Egyptian scientist and geologist Farouk El-Baz, the International Astronomical Union of the United Nations named a newly- found asteroid after his name.

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El-Baz is the first scientist to study the moon’s surface from the earth in planning the Apollo program in the last Apollo Sios American – Russian Joint Trip. The geologist also helped select the landing site for the
Apollo 11 astronauts, in addition to training the Apollo 15 astronauts in geology.

El-Baz is an 81-year-old remote sensing expert, who launched the concept of touchable moon rocks at a Museum, inspired by his childhood pilgimage to Mecca where he touched the Black Stone.

The Egyptian pride is no stranger to recognition for he was nicknamed The King by his astronaut trainees in honor of Egypt’s King Farouk, who ruled the country during World War II. Rick Berman, the executive producer of Star Trek: The Next Generation, celebrated El-Baz by naming the first “Type 15” shuttlepod after him in its 1988–1989 season.

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