In Pictures: The Story Behind Saving Abu Simbel

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History is what gives a country its richness, whether we’re talking about historical monuments, historical locations, and more. One of Egypt’s top historical monuments are the ‘Abu Simbel Temples,’ the two massive rock cut temples located in Aswan. Not to mention they are also one of Egypt’s top go-to touristic villages in Upper Egypt, filled with so much historical monuments and more. The Abu Simbel rescue is arguably the most complicated archaeological mission till this day! 20 gigantic stone monuments from the Abu Simbel temple in Nubia, near the southern borders with Sudan, were relocated by UNESCO. The UNESCO-led project aimed in saving the temple from being submerged from the rising waters of the Nile River. Salute to each and every person who participated in this project in order to save such Egyptian heritage, as well as a piece of world history!

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