In Pictures: Cairo’s Empty Streets and Landmarks Are Decontaminated as Egypt Battles the COVID-19 Outbreak

Amid the chaos that we’re currently living in, every country is literally fighting for the wellbeing of its citizens, taking special measures to fight the spread of the coronavirus and that includes the shutting down of its airports, reducing social interaction and the presence of public sector employees.

Egypt is no exception to that. As a way to contain the spread of the virus, our government has recently issued a statement that requires restaurants, cafes, cafeterias, night clubs, casinos, sports clubs, and youth centers to be closed from 7 pm to 6 am until the 31st of March, as part of its efforts to fight the spread of Coronavirus.

Egypt’s military has already started its mission to sanitize our nation. While we’re in our homes, self-quarantined and socially distancing ourselves, the military took over Tahrir in Downtown, Metro Sadat and many important -and usually crowded – streets and intersections across Cairo to cleanse and sanitize the city. Scroll down to check out the heroism of our men.

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