In Photos: A Look Back At Amr Diab’s Style Evolution, From Spiky Red Hair To Flowery Shirts

By Nada Hamouda

Egypt’s Leading Singer, Amr Diab, has been building an empire for over 30 years. However, Diab has set himself apart from every other musical artist with his unique sense of style, becoming a fashion icon and trendsetter for the Millennial generation, not only in Egypt but in the whole region.

Diab’s huge fan base annually waits for his album releases, not only for the songs but also the style he adopts in each new album including the outfits, haircuts, jewelry and even tattoos. Recently, a photo of the 56-year-old legend surfaced on social media showing him in blonde hair and a light beard as he’s preparing for his upcoming album.

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So let’s be nostalgic and take a trip down the memory lane of the megastar to have a look over the trends El-Hadaba has set over the years:

Ghani Mn Albak Album (1984)

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Diab managed to turn the high-neck shirt under a classic suit into the new fashion trend of the late 80’s era.

Belhob Etgmaana (1990) 

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Diab was invited to sing in the opening ceremony of the Africa Cup of Nations event, held in Cairo International Stadium in Egypt. He wore the remarkable white shirt with the black circles all over it. And just like that, young people started going everywhere buying the same style.

Tamally Maak (2000)

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Actually, the blue pullover he wore in Tamally Ma’ak clip could easily be considered the most popular outfit of Diab’s.

Al Alem Allah (2000)

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Along with the pullover, Diab has adopted the GOATEE beard in Tamally Ma’ak album. Therefore, the small beard that elongates the chin has become the regular shave for the men with style of this era.

Aktar Wahed (2001)

Via: Amr Diab

Only one year later, he started creating the bleached hair trend that made hairdressers even richer. Maybe being bold enough to do what no one would’ve dared to do at the time is actually one of his very own secrets.

Ana Ayesh (2003)

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Diab appeared in the video clip of “Ana Ayesh” with long brown hair, an icecap, tanned skin and no beard. However, the ice cap became so trendy as it kind of turned out to be the most sold clothes’ accessory at the time.

El-Lila Dy (2007)

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Yes! Recently we’ve been living in a world where the bodybuilding became the lifestyle of the generation. However, Diab did it first! As his album inspired people to begin hitting the gym, shaping that beach body look.

Wayah (2009)

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The tattoo lovers have always been there all the time, but Diab inspired people to adopt the idea of inking the names of your closed ones on your body. His popular tattoo, where he showcased in his album cover, was the name of his only son, Abdallah, in Arabic.

Aslaha Betefre’ (2010)

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Getting even near men’s eyebrows was kind of out of question. However, the daring stylish code of Diab let the whole generation consider eyebrow slits. As it became not just accepted but mainly considered a masculine shave.

Maady El Nas (2017)

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With the brown flowery shirt unbuttoned enough to show his newest tattoo and hairstyle, Diab set the new trend for Summer 2017, making it literally hotter than ever.

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Keep going Hadaba!