Here Are Some Orphanages That Really Deserve Your Support!

By Aly Hegazy 

Did you ever imagine your life without any friends, family, support or love? Unfortunately, there are millions of people all over the world experiencing this feeling right now. In Egypt alone, there are 1.7 million orphaned children and out of humanity, you can look for the nearest orphanage nearby you and pay them a visit to help them with any way possible by donating money, food, clothes or even books. It won’t cost you anything to spread happiness to those children’s faces.

Here are some orphanages that deserve our attention and that you should definitely try to visit on the weekend!

New Cairo

Via Save The Children UK

Al Abrar Al Sighar

Address: Area 5, First Settlement, El Mahaleya El Tanya

Phone Number: 0222737476

Gannet El Rahman

Address: Fifth Settlement Beside Ghoriany International School

Phone Number: 0227580140

Al Doha 

Address: Fifth Settlement, South Taseen St, Beside The Electricity company

Phone Number: 0222705264

Nasr City


Dar El Forkan

Address: 13, Mohammed Talaat Salem, Al Mintaqah Al Oula, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate

Phone: 01094000471

Dar El Hana and Hanadi

Address: Ahmed El-Zomor, Al Hay Al Asher, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate

Phone: 0226716622

Amal Village

Address: Al Mintaqah Al Thamenah, Madinet Nasr

Phone: 0222724053


Via ARDIC Developments

Masjid El-Fat7 Dar El-Qods

Address: Street 10, Ezbet Nafie, El-Basatin, Cairo Governorate

Phone Number: 023585982

Dar Ahbab Allah

Address: Ring Road, Zahraa El Maadi

Phone Number: 025187348

Dar Awladi

Address: 34 Street 206, Maadi as Sarayat Al Gharbeyah, Al Maadi, Cairo Governorate

Phone Number: 025187348

WE SAID THIS: Tell us about your experiences below if you visit one of these orphanages!