How Coca-Cola Is Making Everyone’s Sahel Instagram Pictures Look Cooler

Via Coca Cola's Twitter.
Via Coca Cola’s Twitter.


It’s 2016, aka only 2% of the human race actually go to the beach to tan and swim. The rest of us just go and pretend we’re cool and having fun on Snapchat and Instagram. Coca-Cola, being the good guys that they are, do not judge us whatsoever, in fact they’ve decided to help us look (literally) cooler this summer with their new ice bottles.



There’s chilling by the beach, and then there’s ACTUALLY CHILLING by the beach! 



??#coca_cola #tastethefeeling #summer2016 #sunset #marassi

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Like for real, drinking from a Coca-Cola bottle has never looked so cool! Literally!


#summertimehappiness #tastethefeeling of #icebottle #cocacolaegypt

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Selfies taken with the bottles are just automatically cooler




Oh, and there’s ice cups too!!!


??#cocacolaegypt #دوق_اللحظه ? الإختراع دا لو نزل القاهره هبات هناك ??

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When “sawarny wana mosh wakhed baly” looks cool 




Brb ba2a 3ashan ne-leave early from work so we can drive to Sahel and reunite with this bad boy




WE SAID THIS: Mesh handoo2 el la7za walla eh?