How To Spend Your 20’s: 8 Tips For A Better Future

You’ve probably been asked: when are you getting married? Are you saving up for your future? Have you chosen a career path yet? Are you working towards getting that promotion? These are all questions that people in their twenties get asked because at that age, there is a certain to-do list that’s set for you.

There’s a specific life timeline that gets followed in the Middle East. Graduate, get a job, save money, buy a house and get married, buy a car, and maybe then you can have a kid. Guess what though? You don’t need to do that. Whoever told you there is a way things should be, simply lived a different journey in life.

Timings are different for each person. You might be ready to change a career whilst another may not have even started working. It doesn’t matter if you’re both the same age or graduated the same day. What really matters in the end is to have lived a full life, where you don’t regret things.

Let us give you 8 tips that will help you live a regret-free, fulfilling life!

Be financially independent

Sorry, not sorry. This is something that Middle Eastern traditions got right. For all the realistic people out there, we all need money. Especially for everything that will be mentioned in this list later on. It’s one of the aspects of true freedom to have your own money and do as you please. If you have your own savings to pamper yourself with, by all means that’s great. Work a little hard, make a living, be a free independent person, and take control!

Experiment and find your passion

Sometimes life can be meaningless if you aren’t doing something you value and enjoy. It’s really important to do things you love and value. Spend your twenties trying out new things: painting, singing, learning about different fields, reading, writing, dancing, or traveling. Eventually something will ignite a spark in you, and you’ll know it’s what you want to do forever.

Meet new people

Spend some of your energy on meeting new and interesting people. It’s important to surround yourself with a good and healthy circle of friends. Loneliness is draining. A person who has a support group, and a shoulder to lean on, definitely lives a more satisfying life. One day you might meet someone who has a good influence on you, or someone who brings out the best in you. Someone who will introduce you to good habits and someone who supports you. Your twenties are the best time to make a friend for life.

Express yourself

Don’t be afraid to reevaluate life and get your values straight. For an opinionated person with unique views, nothing is more liberating than speaking out your truth. Say what you think and stand up for yourself. Look how you want to look, represent yourself through different fashion styles and different accessories. Show the world who you are, and be true to yourself. That’s something you’ve got to take on for life.

Make healthy habits

As a new member into adulthood, the best time is now to make healthy habits. You can start working out, or doing yoga. Eating healthy and surrounding yourself with healthy friendships and relationships definitely soothe the soul. Practice mindfulness, being aware, and living in the moment. Those habits can help lead you to an enlightened life.

Take risks

Experimenting was mentioned before, but it comes with a price. Your twenties are a journey into the world, when you realize that there are so many things out there with so many different people. You might try this and that, and you might meet people and it all goes south. That’s okay. No one achieves anything by staying in their comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes because what matters the most is that you learn from them, and move on. It’s a good rollercoaster to get on!


Pamper yourself by visiting different cities and countries in your twenties. The exposure to different cultures and traditions is incredibly mind-opening. It’s the ultimate time to widen your horizons and witness different kinds of beauty, behavior, and places. People who have experienced different traditions and mindsets are usually quite flexible and good with change. When’s a better time to do so?

Make new memories

Surely, it would be amazing to reflect back on your life and have tons of fun stories and memories. Create new and fun memories to be able to reflect back on those times of bungy jumping, diving, laughing over dinner with close friends, that trip you took to Dubai, or that time you bought a new car and it had a funky color. For every time period, there are definitely sweet things to enjoy, but use your wildest time for the wildest memories.

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