How to Get Ahead in Business Management

Career progression is an important goal for many people. It’s good to be challenged and feel as though your hard work is recognized, but sometimes you have to put yourself out there, even more, to get noticed. Business management roles are great jobs, but there is a lot of competition with other candidates who are interested in securing these positions. If you’re interested in working your way up the career ladder and landing yourself a business management role, here are some things you need to be doing to get ahead. 


Networking can be daunting to a lot of people, but it’s important to make new contacts and work on your professional relationships to get noticed. If you shy away from building these relationships with your colleagues, you’re not likely to be the first person they think of when looking for someone to take on a management role. Make the most of networking opportunities when they present yourself to you, both inside your working environment and beyond. Research relevant networking events going on in your area and make yourself a regular attendee to them. Industry events like conferences and fairs are also good places to make new contacts.


You might already have a college degree, but consider how gaining more qualifications can help you get ahead. For example, getting a doctorate in business will help you stand out from other candidates. Still, it will also provide you with the academic knowledge needed to apply these skills to the job more effectively. With more and more online college courses of this nature becoming available, gaining these additional qualifications is easier than ever. You can continue to work full-time and study around your work schedule. 

Further Training

In addition to educational qualifications, ask if there are any more training opportunities you can take at work. Your employer might have access to more learning and training resources that can help enhance your career progression, and actively asking for these opportunities will show them how serious you are about your job and moving up in the company. Showing this kind of dedication and determination is sure to impress them, and they’re more likely to consider you for better roles when they become available. 

Take on More Responsibility

It might mean working late nights or possibly coming into the office on weekends, but if you’re serious about getting ahead in business management, you need to prove that you’re capable and willing to put in the leg-work. Leadership roles need candidates who are driven and can lead by example, so asking for more responsibility in your team and taking on additional tasks is a way you can express your ability to do more. 

Apply for Leadership Roles within Your Department

As mentioned above, if you want to be in business management, you need to prove you can be a leader. If a supervisor role or team leader position comes up within your department, make sure you’re putting yourself forward for it. Take the time to make your application stand out, and it might even be worth asking your current manager for tips to help you with this. If your current manager is leaving the role, ask if they can make a recommendation for you and coach you for the interview. These kinds of positions will be invaluable to your career progression in business management, whether you remain at your current company, go elsewhere, or start a business yourself. 

Be a Team Player

Yes, you want to make yourself stand out from the crowd, but make sure that doesn’t cut you off from the rest of your team. You will need the respect and support of your colleagues if you want to be recommended or noticed for management roles, and this will also help you transition from being a normal member of the team to their manager. Help out others where you can, try to avoid getting caught up in petty arguments between people, and offer up new ideas that could help make working as a team more efficient. 

Refine Your Skills

It’s easy to begin to the coast at work and find yourself operating on autopilot. You might think you have all the skills you need, but it’s important to take some time to reflect on your performance and think about how you can refine your skills and make them stronger. Ask your supervisor or manager for feedback on your performance and use that as a starting point to help you improve. 

If you want to get ahead and end up in a business management role, use these tips to help you achieve that goal. It won’t happen overnight, but if you stay focused and determined one day, you will find yourself at the top.

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