A Scoop of Hope: Egypt Opens North Africa’s First-Ever Amusement Park for Special Needs Kids

Amid the difficult circumstances we’re currently living in, this year is not making it easier on us at all and nowadays news only reports on the danger of the global pandemic, fires erupting in different parts of the world, and unsettling stories. It’s always nice to read a story that can lift your spirit a little and put a smile on your face to start your day with a positive attitude. And a story can only get better if it’s about our children, their health and happiness! Among the good news is Alexandria’s first-ever amusement park that’s solely dedicated to kids with special needs.

Major General Mohamed El-Sharif, Governor of Alexandria, recently inaugurated Egypt’s and North Africa’s first-ever amusement park that’s specially designed for kids with special needs and we’re super excited. It has been established at al-Nasr Youth Center by the Alexandria Youth and Sports Directorate at a cost of LE250,000, a donation from the governorate’s Rotary Club.

Khaled Mostafa, former president of the Rotary Club of Alexandria Raml and the mastermind behind the amusement park. He explained that the idea came to him one day when he was playing chess with a young boy with special needs, and he felt that the young boy simply has the desire to play like any other child of his age.

Stories like this always bring us joy and show that there’s always hope, even in the darkest days. So stay positive and appreciate those happy moments.

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