How to Eat Healthy Without Even Trying!

By Salma Khattab

Yes, you read the title right! A guide to developing healthy eating habits without even trying! Here are some strategies that you can use to easily slip yourself into becoming a health junkie:

Use small plates

Here is the first obvious but smart tip: the smaller the portion is in a larger plate, the more unsatisfied your mind will be. This is because when you see a little portion on a large plate you will feel like you want more, or that it’s perhaps not enough, which makes you add more and thus eat more.

But if you use a smaller plate, you will serve yourself a smaller meal. A study that was conducted by a professor called Brian Wansink concluded that if you serve your meal on a 10-inch plate instead of a 12-inch plate, you will consume around 22 percent less food in the next year. Thus, the best solution for you is to use a smaller plate because it will help your mind feel more satisfied.

Use plates with contrasting colors

This sounds weird but let’s think this through together. What if you used a plate that matches the colors of your food? Your mind will naturally think that it needs more because it can’t distinguish between both. But, you can’t do this with vegetables because you’re more likely to need them more.

Openly display your healthy food at home

To increase the efficiency of your healthy eating plan, you can consistently keep a plate of healthy food out in the open in your home. This will make you eat more of them when passing around. For example, you can display a bowl of fruit in your living room or somewhere else you usually walk by in your house so that whenever you’re in rush or hungry, you can just grab the first thing you see.

Out of sight, out of mind

Do the previous step and then do this one. Hide the unhealthy food by putting them in a place that you don’t usually look into or wrap them in foil. Thus, your mind will not want to eat it but will automatically go to the easier option in sight, which will be the healthier option of course!

WE SAID THIS: Surprise! Now you eat healthy!