Private Universities That Offer Full Scholarships to Thanawya Amma Students

Via Egypt Independent.

College admission season is here, and students everywhere are searching for the best opportunities. After all, here in Egypt, a university degree is an essential prerequisite for almost all types of careers.

The majority of Egyptian high school students graduate through the Thanwya Amma system, in which students enroll in specific universities based on their performance in their senior year.

With more than 40 universities to choose from, both public and private, students have a lot to take into consideration. One of the determining factors is, of course, tuition fees. Here in Egypt, private universities are well-known for their superb education; however, not all students can afford to enroll in a private higher education program.

Despite the hassle, the Ministry of Higher Education is actively trying to make the process simpler for Thanawya Amma students. According to a decision by the Higher Council for Universities, private universities in Egypt are obligated to provide a number of scholarships to Egyptian students with a Thanawya Amma, as long as these students meet each university’s criteria.

Here are some of the full scholarships offered by some of Egypt’s top universities and all you need to know about them.

American University in Cairo

“AUC offers ten Thanawya Amma students several scholarship opportunities,” said Randa Kamel, chief enrollment officer, and assistant provost for academic student services, according to a press release by the American University in Cairo.

“The main aim of providing these scholarships is to provide academically outstanding students who cannot afford AUC education with an opportunity to be equipped with the quality of education that enables them to create positive change to their future, to Egypt and the world,” she added.

For more information check the AUC’s website.

Misr University for Science and Technology

Via Koleyat.

Similarly, Misr University for Science and Technology (MUST) has announced that it will be providing several Thanawya Amma students applying for the academic year 2019/2020 the opportunity to study at one of its 14 faculties.

Students applying must be Egyptians graduating from public schools. The university has also added that it will be giving priority to students with high scores.

October 6 University

Established in 1996 as one of Egypt’s leading private universities, the October 6 University is also offering a number of scholarships based on merit to Thanawya Amma students graduating from public Egyptian schools.

Pharos University

Pharos University in Alexandria has announced that it too will be providing full bachelor degree scholarships to Thanawya Amma students.

On their official website, the enrollment office stated that the university will be accepting scholarship applications from the 15th until the 20th of September.

Nile University

The Egyptian Housing and Development Bank’s Scholarship at Nile University will provide a number of eager Thanawya Amma students with a chance to study engineering at one of the faculty’s departments.

Enrollment is through either the university’s enrollment office on campus or e-mail.

Nahda University

Although Nahda University does not offer full scholarships, it offers Thanawya Amma students a partial 25 percent discount on tuition fees. The enrollment office has announced the 18th of September as the deadline for submitting the scholarship application.

Located in Beni Suef, Nahda University is the first private university in Upper Egypt. The faculty prides itself on providing adequate educational experiences to its students with constant improvement.

October University of Modern Sciences and Arts (MSA)

Via October University of Modern Sciences and Arts (MSA).

Just like Nahda University, October University of Modern Sciences and Arts does not offer full scholarships, but partial discounts based on merit. The higher a student’s Thanawya Amma score, the higher the discount on tuition fees they get. For instance, a student with a 100 percent score gets a 15 percent discount, while a score of 95 to 99 percent gets a 10 percent discount and so on.

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