How The New Facebook Reactions Buttons Are Perfect For Egyptian Drama



Finally, after months of waiting, Facebook’s new reactions button are coming alive worldwide in the next couple of days. “Love”, “haha”, “wow”, “sad” and “angry” are the latest expressions that took a year of research to refine.

Honestly, we were terrified of the possibility of a dislike button. With all the harsh comments people leave on our accounts, we can live without the additional embarrassment. Luckily, it is nowhere to be found. However, we are 100% sure that Egyptian sarcasm and the new reactions buttons will perfectly blend.




The perfect response to people’s stupidity


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“La takhrog qabl 2an taqoul sob7an Allah.”

“I found Allah written on an egg.”

Posts like: “A mermaid was found in Alexandria and you will never guess what happened next.”




The passive aggressive response


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Your high school frenemy: “I met the man of my dreams.”

Your hot friend who never eats pizza: “I have an amazing figure because I love CrossFit”

Every Egyptian girl: “As7aby ketir. Ana influencer”

Your ex: “Life goes on.”




How many times have you embarrassed yourself by liking divorce or illness statuses? Now we have a way of showing compassion without being misunderstood as insensitive pricks


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“I’m having an operation next week.”

“My car was totally crashed on the Ring Road this week.”

“I hate my job.”




Anyone who dares write cheesy hashtags, send them a heart so they shut the hell up and save us from their sappiness *gag*


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#ToTheMoonAndBack, #PartnerInCrime #WeDidIt or #Hubby




Ya Rab, we are praying that this emoji takes care of the constantly offended Facebook commenters. We can definitely live without their rants. If we’re lucky, they’ll just use this face:


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The always offended commenter: “Enough with the objectification.”

The girl who turns every post that has nothing to do with women into: “Feminism this, feminism that.”

Grammar police

Egypt haters

Facebook preachers

Only those worthy of a LOL get this emoji; as for all the users deprived of a sense of humour, they get the fake “yay”


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