Holidays in Thailand

Are you planning a trip to Thailand this holiday? Maybe you’re wondering, how do you get from Bangkok to Krabi? Well, air transport is still your preferred option.

Thanks to technology, booking travel online is a reality. So, are you ready to click that ‘Book Flight’ button? Not so fast! There are different considerations to make and they include the following: 

The airport 

Where are you planning to land for the holidays? It may seem like a no brainer, but people land into a different airport. Sometimes, it’s an inconvenient option in a multi-airport city. At times, it’s a wrong destination due to similar airport name or code. 

So, how will you avoid this? Do a quick google maps search to show you the location of different airports in the area. Use this information to select one offering the best combination of price and location. 

The ground transit 

How do you plan to get from the airport to your hotel? The exercise can be expensive if you don’t expect. For instance, larger cities are likely to have public transit in place. For smaller destinations, you’ll need to book shuttles ahead of time. Or they’ll cost you more the last minute. 

Here you’ll need to check the airport’s website for ground transit options. Alternatively, do a quick google map search from the airport to your hotel. 

Get the correct date 

It’s easy to book the wrong travel date online. Don’t make this mistake. Remember, the website defaults to the current date. As such, change the date to your travel day. At times, you may insert the correct travel date. But as you shuffle back and forth a step or two, the date change happens.

If you make payments without checking, the ticket will read you’re traveling that day. Yes, the company might refund you the money but after slapping you with fees and fines. Thus, check the correctness of your ticket before making the payment. 

Allow time for connecting flights 

A direct journey from Bangkok to Krabi is much more comfortable but what happens if you’re not travelling directly from Bangkok? Well, you’ll need to use a connecting flight. 

The biggest mistake you can make is not leaving enough time between these two flights so allow at least two hours between connecting flights. Your first flight may delay or reroute to a different airport. Creating a buffer makes sure you don’t miss your flight. 

Have a flexible travel date 

Ticket prices fluctuate depending on time and day of travel. Hopefully, your arrival and departure date will be flexible. For instance, you’ll save a few bucks for traveling on a Wednesday than on a Friday. Also, avoid going a day before a major holiday when most travellers are likely to fly.


Are you planning a vacation to Thailand this summer? Maybe you’re thinking of buying ticket services online. Well, this is a smart move. It’s cheaper and saves you time and effort.

WE SAID THIS: Use the above tips to ensure you’re getting value for your payment.