History of the UAE; Documenting the Story Behind the 7 Emirates

In a country that is so modern and up-to-date, it’s rare to find someone who knows about its rich history.

History of the Emirates is a five-part documentary series that tells the story of the United Arab Emirates, dating back from 125,000 years until the union of the seven emirates in 1971. The series is a joint production by Image Nation Abu Dhabi, and award-winning Atlantic Productions. Filmed with Virtual Reality cameras, the documentary takes you on a journey back in time, and introduces you to ancient sites and historical treasures in the UAE, revealing interesting and informative tales about the country for the very first time.

The documentary gives viewers a glimpse of the diversity of the seven emirates, most of which is unknown to a public who is only aware of modern Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It shows you the UAE in a completely different light, one that is far more fascinating and compelling.

So if you haven’t seen it yet, you definitely should!

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