Hidden Gems Across The Middle East: 5 Lakes To Add To Your Bucket List!

When thinking of the Middle East, we often lose ourselves in its array of picturesque beaches and often forget that the region is home to other gorgeous natural wonders. When it comes to the region’s hidden gems, lakes are one of the region’s ultimate forgotten beauties. To showcase the rich diversity of the region, we are presenting you with the Middle East’s most beautiful and picturesque lakes that deserve a visit.

Long Salt Lake, Abu Dhabi

A magnificent water body with more than 250 species of plants and birds can be found 40 minutes outside of Abu Dhabi city on the Al Ain highway. The Al Wathba reserve, which was formerly a coastal salt flat, has grown into natural and man-made lakes that support the survival of numerous Abu Dhabi wildlife species. Once you arrive, there are two enormous man-made channels with emerald green water on either side of the road that are entirely covered in salt, giving the water’s margins the appearance of being covered in snow. It is unknown how these unusual salt mushrooms appeared in a man-made trench; it would have taken them ages to form.

Lake Burullus, Egypt

Burullus, a water lake in the Kafr El-Sheikh governorate, is regarded as Egypt’s second-largest lake. More than 460 square kilometers of it is regarded as a protected area. The lake is both a natural and historic landmark since the ancient city of Paralus is submerged beneath its surface and because of the salt marshes and sand plains that it contains. The lake is home to hundreds of different kinds of fish, birds, reptiles, and mammals.

Pink Lakes, Oman

Situated 300 kilometers south of Muscat in the state of Jalan Bani Bu Ali is a natural wonder that you’d never suspect to exist in Oman. The breathtaking pink lakes are only a short drive from Muscat and their color is formed from the algae and plankton in the water. Beyond enjoying the resplendent views of the unique picturesque lake, tourists also come to the coast of Jalan to camp, climb mountains and even witness migrating birds including pink flamingos.

Isli lake, Morocco

Isli lake is a tranquil and remote body of water that is approximately 9km off-road from Tisli lake in Imilchil, Morocco. If you are craving a unique experience, there are many tour companies that offer overnight camping close to the lake. Imilchil is a very tranquil area, so you will feel safe sleeping there. If you enjoy swimming in the lake, it is safe to stay in the shallow end throughout the summer because the water is fresh and exceptionally clean.

Wadi Al Rayan Lakes, Egypt

The Wadi Al Rayan lakes are among the additional lakes present in the Fayoum Oasis. Due to the natural waterfall that runs between the top and lower freshwater lakes in the Wadi Al Rayan valley, the two lakes there are busier and more popular with tourists compared to Magic Lake. Beyond that, the lakes are flanked by enormous sand dunes and breath-taking scenery, which together make for Instagram-worthy pictures.

So, the next time you travel to one of these destinations, be sure to stop at these lovely lakes to take in the landscape and discover more of what the region has to offer.

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