In Pictures: The Best of Libya, From Ancient Temples to Untouched Lakes and Mountains

As the fourth-largest country in Africa, Libya has so much to explore and enjoy. From its breathtaking historic spots that are listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, to its mesmerizing lakes and beautiful mountains, this North African country could be the perfect place for a unique holiday, were it only safer. The Libyan people also love showing visitors around, so you can get to know more about its rich history and culture.

Unfortunately, the war has paralyzed much of its tourism. But we’re hopeful that we will soon get the chance to discover its beauty all over again.

Here are the top 10 spots in Libya that should be on your bucket list.

Jebel Akhdar

Acacus Mountains

via Temehu

Ubari Lakes

Tripoli’s Red Castle


Leptis Magna


Nafusa Mountains

via Tidwa

Arch of Marcus Aurelius

Benghazi Cathedral

WE SAID THIS: Isn’t it beautiful?

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