A Solid Legacy and Promising Future: What You Should Know About This Innovative Real Estate Company

The market will always be competitive and challenging as long as there are innovative companies that bring more to the table with each project they present. A company that’s always one-upping the market with their creativity and innovation is Minka Real Estate Development, and although it was established in 2016, its solid legacy of being owned by the Sallam family is definitely leading to a very promising future.

The Sallam family has been doing business in Egypt since 1939, more than 80 years! Throughout the years, they have introduced a collection of different businesses and brands that helped change and evolve the Egyptian economy, like Olympic Group, BTECH, KidZania, the Canadian Universities in Egypt, and many more diversified ventures!

Not only did they change the game in business, but they’re also pioneers when it comes to the social support and NGO scene in Egypt; they founded The Egyptian Group of Charity Banks (The Egyptian Food Bank, The Egyptian Cure Bank, and The Egyptian Clothing Bank).

via Minka Development

Building on the heritage of this great legacy, Minka aims to stand out in the market by offering themed, fully livable developments that cater to the top of the value chain of the real estate market. They invested more than EGP 250 million and currently own a land bank that will witness investments exceeding EGP 6 billion for development.

The Company’s CEO – Abdallah Sallam – is the third generation ambitious serial entrepreneur who throughout his career has founded, co-founded, and managed a series of companies such as Jebal Media Inc. Urban Station Egypt and Minlo Industries. He has been recently profiled as a development visionary of a new breed, prioritizing innovation and defining it as a duty in doing business.

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With this legacy and vision, Minka has embarked on some very unique projects, like Kensington and The HOFT. Each of the projects has its own unique characteristics but they’re all located in very attractive and established locations that serve to build livable communities.

Kensington is an exclusive and limited contemporary English-style complex of stacked townhouses that merges privacy and exclusivity with practicality and efficiency. On the other hand, The HOFT is a project that is defined as a ‘hybrid property’ inclusive of a retail arcade, a co-working space, modular offices, and serviced studios; a valuable destination for business travelers and international corporations since it’s located right across of Cairo International Airport.

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The company also has another very interesting project, CAIROOM, a unique hospitality management concept that furnishes, brands, services and manages apartments all over Egypt on behalf of their owners. It aims to manage a total of 1000 units within the next 5 years.

WE SAID THIS: Looking forward to see Minka taking things to new heights!