A Star on The Rise: TV Show Presenter and Youtuber, Youssef Othman

By Malak Khaled

25-year old actor, TV show presenter, and Youtuber, Youssef Othman, is on the rise. Seems Familiar? Othman started as a child actor, taking part in the 2004 famous film “Baheb el Cima” as well as many TV series from “Yetraba fy Ezou” starring Yehia ElFakharany to “Fer’oun” starring Khaled Saleh.

As his acting career started taking off, he started noticing that people do not really recognize him. So, to re-ignite his fame, he took the opportunity that his film “Men Dahr Ragel” starring Asser Yassin is taking part in the 37th Cairo International Film Festival, to self-market and remind people of him.

Via Pikdo

In 2016, he appeared on Es’aad Younis’ show and explained the situation saying “After I took part in “Oostaz w Ra’ees Qesm,” people could not relate that I was the boy in “Baheb el Cima.” I didn’t want to build my life upon “Baheb el Cima” but I wanted to create another identity to [myself] but as an older actor.” He continued saying “I got the idea from a marketing course, I got a picture of me as a young boy and decided that I will walk the red carpet holding it as a statement to show people that this is me now, as an adult”

Youssef also presented a contest show called “The Room” on the channel OnE. Similar to escape rooms, people are asked to solve riddles and puzzles in order to win and leave the room.

Othman is not just interested in TV; he also created a Youtube channel. His first Youtube show was football dedicated; however, now his Youtube channel “Ebn Othman”-which has 151K dedicated subscribers- is on football, gaming, and movie reviews.

We were supposed to be seeing Othman this Ramadan in two series, the first one is “Hagma Mortada” alongside Ahmed Ezz and Hend Sabry as well as “Kheet Hareer” alongside Mai Ezz El Deen. However, unfortunately, both series were postponed due to the current circumstances, but this will give the series a chance at a better production, in the upcoming period, after the Coronavirus crisis ends. We really hope we get to see him sooner than later.

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