Here’s Your Local Guide to Grocery Shopping for a Healthy Christmas Dinner!

Via Cairo West Magazine

By Sarah Alblowi

Hot velvety cocoa in the air, chewy chocolate-chip-oatmeal cookies in the oven. Buttery potatoes with blackened moist herbed meat on a well-made table. All what you want for Christmas is food! Stuff your face in hearty comfort classics or healthier alternatives with these grocery stores in Cairo that we promise will make your holiday shopping easier. Vegan, Gluten-free, and vegetarian-friendly options included!


Via Greenholic

Greenholic is speaking the language of veganism! Creamy sugar and dairy-free coconut vanilla ice cream, vegan burgers, healthy Konafa, organic chocolate, and more options make even non-vegans drool! It’s a perfect match for a guilt-free plant-based Christmas table. The website offers dietary options for the pickiest eaters, also one of few to offer faux meats. Shop wholesome chemical free products online and don’t miss out on all-natural!


Via Kissable Cook

You can find thick hot soups, crispy icy salads, mixed roasted roots, stuffing, fatty gravy, mashed potatoes with nutmeg, and more pre-made meals in selected stores. You can shop from a wide collection of Christmas specials, from a 13KG turkey to delightful Lindt chocolate deers!

El Market

Via El Market

Located in Maadi, the teeny-tiny shop, provides convenient vegan/vegetarian options and various fresh bites. They’re offering homemade red, green, and white master pieces including Christmas shaped cookies, fruit cakes, creamy puddings, fresh apple pies, and more. In addition to healthy sides and seasonal products that can be incorporated in your Christmas shopping.

Fresh Food Market

Via Cairo West Magazine 

Bright and clean, possibly the best and biggest grocery stores in town when it comes to imported and seasonal goods. It’s another awesome pick for vegans and healthy eaters with so many clean options like quinoa, organic and non-organic produce, and infinite condiments.

Nature’s Market

Via Nature’s Market

The name says it all; devour clean, healthy, and nutritious food while supporting Egyptians by using Kheir Misr products. Nature’s Market supports local Egyptian brands and fights to break misconceptions about imported goods being favourable than local ones.

Go Market

Via Go Market

The increasingly popular all-black themed market is a new hidden treasure filled with a functional bakery, organic food, and hand selected international products. Starting December, the store is going all-out its first Christmas with big holiday spirit, providing far-ranging collection of holiday bites and promotions. Keep your eye out on their Facebook page.

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