Here’s How You Can Stepup Your BBQing Game!

As a team, we are invited to several events a year, but nothing compared to this one-of-a-kind grilling event powered by Weber. The atmosphere was extremely vibrant and inviting but the stars of the show weren’t the burgers or steaks, it was in fact and with no surprise the Weber grills. 

The grilling experience and quality of the grills really shined through the food cooked on them. Regardless of what was being cooked it always came out deliciously appetizing. We couldn’t complain as we sunk our teeth into the juicy burgers, tender steaks and the charred corn on the cob. We all had them before but not cooked or grilled like this, and there’s only one explanation, the grill! Not to mention RamySoli’s exceptional steak SANDWICH, yes you read that correctly a sandwich was cooked on the grill!!! Weber’s gas grills, charcoal grills and grilling accessories, with over 60 years of grilling expertise, absolutely makes it the master of all grills! 

We stumbled upon a grilling enthusiast who claimed that she has never worked with a better grill. She said that one thing that can be guaranteed when grilling with Weber is that the food will always come out world-class and delicious because of the unparalleled quality of the grill. We decided to try the grills ourselves and we found the whole grilling experience extremely easy and very practical. There’s really nothing to dread about grilling, even starting the grill was made easier with Weber’s Chimney Starter, as it got our grill going in no time! 

Weber’s slogan “If you’re lookin’ you ain’t cookin’” amplifies keeping the lid on as you are grilling and letting the grill do its magic. It was such a foreign idea to us that we’re not doing an arm workout with a fan trying to keep the grill going.  Keeping the lid on revolutionized the grilling methods, as we came to discover that this method circulates the heat inside the grill to provide and even cooking. It really showed when the steaks came out fully cooked to perfection. The grill made sure to encapsulate the moisture, flavour and aroma of the food. 

If you’re up to enjoying a hands-on and full-fledged grilling experience, including the thrill of lighting charcoal and all what it takes for that juicy bite… then Weber range of charcoal grills is your go-to option, if you’re more of a light the grill and start cooking then Weber’s got you covered with its range of gas grills! 

You can find the full Weber range in addition to their must-have accessories at 25 different retailers including Gourmet Egypt. Try it out and discover the truly rewarding experience for yourself! 

Weber grills are synonymous with the most fabulous barbecue parties, it is more than just a grill it’s a lifetime companion. A life partner to celebrate all of your amazing and unforgettable food moments with. 

WE SAID THIS: This griller is on…fire!