Here Are the Four Egyptian Universities That Made It To The Best 1,000 Worldwide!

By Nivert Walid

Egypt has been setting a keen eye on evolving the educational standards in the country, especially higher education. So, it would be of no surprise to us when we realize that 4 of our universities made it to the best 1,000 universities worldwide.

Via Wikipedia

The report included Cairo University ranking 452nd, Ain Shams University ranking 715th, Mansoura University ranking 884th, and Alexandria University ranking 903rd.


According to Essam Khamis, Deputy Minister for Scientific Research, the classification of the top 1000 universities is based on certain indicators. These indicators include the quality of education, which is measured by the number of university graduates who won international awards, medals, and prizes. It’s also measured by the number and quality of scientific research papers that were published in global journals. And finally, it’s measured by the number of graduates who were employed in different positions after graduation in international companies.

WE SAID THIS: Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research should keep working harder in order to include more Egyptian Universities in the list.